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Are You Ready to Be the Next Ace in the Hole?

Being an entrepreneur is a gamble, but Ace in the Hole takes it to the next level by combining the excitement of poker with the intricacies of business. Want to be part of this thrilling experience? Schedule a call with us to discuss your potential spot on the show!

what to expect from our call

You're about to take the first step on an exhilarating journey that could revolutionize your business and showcase your entrepreneurial spirit on a grand stage. In this call, we'll dive into what makes your business tick, explore how our program can help you scale new heights, and discuss the possibility of you joining the thrilling world of Ace in the Hole.

A friendly 30 minute conversation with our team

A chance to share your business story and aspirations.

An overview of the Ace in the Hole program, including the unique blend of business development and the excitement of a poker game.

Insights into the selection process for our reality TV show.

Plenty of time for your questions about the program and the application process.

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