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Participation in the Ace in the Hole program isn't just about business growth - it's about transformation.

From strengthening your strategic decision-making skills and developing a robust business model to expanding your network and enjoying thrilling rewards, the benefits of our program extend far beyond the poker table.

Program Overview

When it comes to business, just like in poker, the right strategies can turn the odds in your favor. Ace in the Hole is an innovative business development program that infuses strategic business coaching with the exciting dynamics of poker, driving growth, and scaling businesses to unprecedented heights.

Our program is structured around two main facets: The 'Feeder Table' and the 'TV Show'. Participating in either segment gives business owners access to invaluable coaching, strategic objectives, and the chance to earn poker chips for use in our monthly poker games. Yet, the ultimate reward is the significant growth and development experienced by your business."

Our Approach

Business as Poker

At Ace in the Hole, we believe in a unique approach to business – seeing it as a game of poker, where strategy, risk management, understanding the playing field, and a dash of luck all come into play.

Reading the Table

We help you understand your market, your customers, and your competition – akin to a poker player reading their opponents.

Risk Management

We equip you with skills to assess and manage risk effectively, just like knowing when to fold or go all in at the poker table.

Strategic Thinking

Just as poker requires strategy and the ability to adapt, we assist you in crafting a robust business strategy adaptable to changing circumstances.

Playing the Long Game

Like in poker, we don’t aim for short-term wins, but help you make decisions benefiting long-term growth and sustainability.

Bluffing and Negotiating

We refine your negotiation skills, enabling you to secure better deals and partnerships, akin to executing a well-timed bluff in poker.

Knowing Your Hand

We help you recognize your business’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make strategic decisions akin to a poker player knowing their hand.

Capital Investment

Like spending chips to win in poker, we guide you on when and where to invest capital for growth and expansion.

The Element of Luck

While we equip you with skills and strategies, we also help you seize opportunities when they come, recognizing the role of luck or timing in both poker and business.

With this approach, we’re confident that we can equip you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset you need to truly become an Ace in your business field.

Feeder Table

The Feeder Table is an immersive, six-month business development journey where owners, like you, work with world-class business coaches to improve, evolve, and scale their businesses. As you achieve your monthly objectives, you earn poker chips, which translate into exciting rewards. Whether it's a software tool to streamline your operations or a thrilling hot-air balloon ride, each reward is a symbol of your progress and commitment to growth.
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TV Show

For those who demonstrate remarkable business growth and development, there's the opportunity to take the step from the Feeder Table to the limelight - the Ace in the Hole TV Show. Here, the stakes are higher, and the rewards grander. As a TV show participant, you'll continue to work on your business objectives under the guidance of our coaches, earning more chips and competing in games with higher stakes. As the season concludes, a Poker Champion is declared, but the true winner is the one who's achieved the most business growth.
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